Gold Color Wrapping Wire Jeweler's BRONZE Dead Soft 130 feet 22GA

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Wrap it Wire is one of our best-selling and most loved items. 
Jeweler's Bronze, actually a brass alloy (85% copper and 15% zinc), is also known as Tombac and is a favorite among wire wrappers for its gold color. 
Soft and easy to shape, it makes wrapping and handling a breeze. Please use caution when opening. 
The spool is wound tightly and can unwrap quickly. 
Gauge sizes: The larger the gauge number, the smaller the wire profile. Just remember that this wire goes through a series of gauges making it smaller each time. 
The larger the number of gauges it's been through, the smaller the wire becomes. 
Measurements for some of our more popular gauges are found below. By the time you get to 24 gauge, the wire is very fine. 18ga: .040" 1.024mm (That's 4/100 of an inch.)  20ga: .032" .812mm 22ga: .025" .644mm 24ga: .020" .511mm 26ga .016" .405mm