2 BEAD FRAMES silver-plated 42x33.5mm FANCY CROSS String Top to Bottom Nice!

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Showcase crystals, pearls and other beads in silver-plated pewter bead frames. Bead frames are components with an open area large enough to string beads though using a head pin, beading wire or other stringing material. Transform beads into fantastic earrings, pendants, ornaments and more. Silver plated bead frames highlight your lamp-worked beads, pearls, or  stones.  Brand new and sure to be a customer favorite,  these bead  frames look like silver for a fraction of the cost! 

Use beads slightly smaller than the approximated inside diameter:

• Top area inside diameter: 5mm round

• Middle area inside diameter: 8x8mm square

• Bottom area inside diameter: 6mm round

About 1 3/8" wide by 1 3/4" tall.

You will receive two pieces.