Pre-Cut Stained Glass Kit DRAGONFLY FROG OVAL Approx 11-1/4 x 6" Studio One 9046

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Kit includes everything shown:  pre-cut glass pieces, the cute little frog, wire ring, complete instructions and wire for details. You supply lead came, basic stained glass tools, solder, etc.  Completed project measures about 11-1/4 by 6".

These kits are strong if done in lead but can also be done in copper foil. The hobby lead to finish this kit is sold in my store. (3/32" face 5/32" channel width.)

Important: This is a kit, not a finished product. This item is shipped in the manufacturer's box. You supply the stained glass tools (soldering iron) and consumables (metals, flux, solder, etc.) as well as the experience in stained glass construction to complete the kit.