PLATE DISH SLUMPING MOLD Bullseye Square Glass Slumper 6-1/4" 8996 B EXCELLENT

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6.25 x 6.25 x 1.25 inches.  (159 x 159 x 32 mm)

Imported from Creative Ceramics in Europe, these are simply the finest slumping molds we have ever found on the commercial market. Slipcast from a specially formulated clay body, they have an exceptionally smooth surface, accept kilnwash uniformly, and do not crack under repeated usage if handled properly.

Dimensions shown are the largest measurements of the actual mold, to help you determine the kiln space required. Individual molds may vary slightly from the dimensions shown. Whether pre-fusing or cutting unfired glass, create your blank to fit the actual mold.

Photos courtesy of the manufacturer.

Please use a quality glass separator. For use in standard glass kilns.