Beadsmith Diamond Coated Bead Reamer Set Or 3 Replacement Tips BR500 BR520 BR530

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* Actually three tools in one. 

* Use this tool to enlarge, de-burr, and round-out bead holes. 

* Three different tips are included to fit bead holes from the smallest up to 5.0mm. 

* The edging point rounds and smooths edges so the beads don't cut through cord or thread. 

* Each tip is coated with diamond dust for smooth, even reaming even in "hard" materials. 

* Tips store conveniently inside the tool and attach to the front for use. 

* Handy spring clip enables you to carry tool in your pocket like a pen. 

* Tips can be replaced so this tool will last you a lot of beading years. 

* Genuine BeadSmith.  

* Handle length is 4.5".

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