Beadsmith Pro Silver Bonded Filled Wire Half Hard Dead Soft 18 20 22 22 26 28 ga

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Professional-quality Sterling Silver-Filled wire has a high perceived value at a fraction of the cost of sterling silver.

I accidentally double (maybe triple) ordered the 18 gauge half hard. I have that sale priced.

You will receive one package of wire in the hardness, length and gauge listed.

For optimal results, use nylon jar pliers or pliers dipped in Tool Magic heavy-duty rubber coating when working with Sterling Silver-Filled™ wire to prevent scratching or marring.  This wire is not quite as tough as regular sterling silver wire.  Just try not to over-work it and you'll be fine.  

This wire does tarnish as silver is prone to do.  If your wire develops a golden hue, just wipe it with any silver wipe and it'll come right off.

Choose your gauge from the pull-down menu. Lengths can be seen on the packages.

18ga: .040" 1.024mm  (That's 4/100 of an inch.)
20ga: .032" .812mm 
22ga: .025" .644mm 
24ga: .020" .511mm 
26ga .016" .405mm