DELUXE ECONO Wire Coiling GIZMO by Artistic Wire Great Little Coiling Tool

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It couldn't be simpler! Crank wire around the rod as shown and you've made a coil spring. Pull the spring off and insert a core wire. Now coil this spring around the larger rod in your kit to form a cylinder bead. Then try shaping it into a bi-cone or sphere. Deluxe has five different size rods and a U-bracket with a built-in table-mount base.  Instructions included.

Go to and search coiling gizmo.  There are some amazing projects done with this great little tool!

  • One crank rod holder
  • Five sizes of crank rods--1.1 thick, 1.5 mm thick, 3.2 mm thick, 4.2 mm thick & 5.2 mm thick
  • Instructions--printed on the back of the box