$100+ Value! SOLDERING KIT Includes IRON Rheostat STAND Solder Studio Quality!

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I have sold hundreds of these great kits! These irons are work-horses! This kit is perfect for any stained glass or soldered art (altered art) project.

Please note: All of the electrical tools in this kit come in a US configuration and running the tools through a converter in other countries may void your warranty.

This kit contains:

  • Studio quality Choice brand 100 watt soldering iron with a standard tip   
  • Rheostat soldering iron control (also by Choice) allows you to adjust the temperature of your iron for everyday soldering and decorative solder details   
  • Heavy duty soldering iron stand. This solid piece of equipment safely holds your soldering iron when not in use. It has a sponge insert to quickly and easily clean your soldering iron tips for top performance.   
  • Choice brand 60/40 solder for stained glass. One pound.   

Protect your lungs! Always solder using a fan or smoke absorber in a well ventilated area!