6 Pieces 6x6" Spectrum System 96 Black Opal Iridized Glass Sheets Pack Studio Stock Up

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This studio stocker glass pack contains six sheets of 1009 Iridized Oceanside Glass & Tile sheet glass.

Formerly known as Spectrum System 96, it's more commonly called Oceanside Compatible now.

Size: 6" square or larger and 3mm thick. These are hand-cut and can vary by up to 1/8". Expect an occasional side or corner chip. They are unavoidable. Sheets that are more than 1/8" short on one side or with a large chip or badly-cut factory side are sold at a discount under the "shorties" classification. Our standards are picky! 3mm thick (standard).

Most sheets are longer on one side.

COE: 96 This glass can be mixed and fused with any glass that is the same COE. COE measures how quickly a glass expands and contracts during the fusing processes. All glass that is "melted" or fused into a single piece must be compatible.

Notes on Color: The stock photos shown here are a sample representations of the glass you will receive. THEY ARE NOT PHOTOGRAPHS of the individual sheets you will receive. We have tried photographing the glass in our own studio and find that the images (courtesy of Spectrum) give the best representation of the glass. These show very true to color on my monitor, but your monitor may vary. The logo does not appear on the actual glass sheets.