Aanraku Bead Pins Necklace Earrings set of Five Pieces Lampworking Finding 1" 1.25" 1.5"

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Use the silver tone Bead Post as bead hangers for use with the Aanraku 18 in. neck wire - or anything else you'd like to attach beads to.  Just unscrew the ball end, add your beads and reattach the ball.  These have a shaft of about 2mm wide.

These come in three lengths:

1" has a beadable length of about one inch and measures about 1 5/8" overall

1.25" has a beadable length of about 1 1/4" inches and measures about 1 7/8" overall

1.5" has a beadable length of about 1 1/2" inches and measures about 2 1/8" overall.

Sold in packages of five, all one length.