Six Pieces 6x6" Oceanside Compatible Spectrum System 96 COE Icicle Clear Ice 3mm Glass Sheets Pack

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Oceanside Compatible (formerly Spectrum System 96) glass is easy to cut, less expensive than other glass formulated for fusing, and is available in a huge variety of colors and textures. We carry over 250 compatible items for your fusing workshop. No glass will give you a more consistent result whether you're a beginner or advanced glass artist.

This studio stock up pack contains six sheets of 100 icicle clear smooth.

This glass was produced by Oceanside Tile for Spectrum System 96.

Size:  6" x 6" or larger (on one or both sides) and 3mm thick.  These might not be perfectly square. Many are now slightly longer on one side.  These are hand-cut and can vary by up to 1/8".   Expect an occasional side or corner chip.  They are unavoidable.  Sheets that are more than 1/8" short on one side or with a large chip or badly-cut factory side are sold at a discount under the "shorties" classification.  Our standards are picky!

Made by Oceanside Glass & Tile Mexico for Spectrum System 96. This glass is also branded Oceanside Compatible.