WAFFLE GRID SURFACE SIX PACK Use ALONE or/w Cutter's Mate Portable Glass Shop

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This listings is for six sections of Waffle Grid, each measuring 11-1/4" square.

The Waffle Grid's 11-1/4" square interconnecting grids give you the freedom to construct the size and shape of your work surface and back-splash. The transparent surface features a grid on one side, a smooth flat side on the other, and can be interlocked with either side facing up.The smooth side is perfect for tracing patterns on glass. Flip it over and use the grid side for cutting glass. The grid's cells capture glass shards to keep them safely out of the way. Use the Waffle Grid with your Cutter's Mate or Morton tools for even more cutting versatility. Put it under your wet tools as a work surface. The grid surface collects water from wet tools to keep your workshop clean and dry. Build a back-splash to the size of your workbench to catch grinder and saw water spray.

Important: You are purchasing only the waffle grids. The other tools shown here are for illustrative purposes only.

(When using as a substitute for the Morton Surfaces, keep in mind that the Morton Mini measures 22-1/2" by 14-1/4. The Super Mini Measures 22-1/2 inches by 15.375".  The Maxi Surface measures 31-1/4" by 22-1/2".)