"December 2017" Colour de Verre SNOWFLAKE Ceramic Reusuable Fusing Mold Casting

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From the manufacturer: We created two snowflakes designs for 2017 and named them December and January for, what are for us, the two coldest winter months. This is the Snowflake '17 December design. It, like its brother, is big - almost 5.5” (14cm) from tip-to-tip. 

Fire these designs cool to create a snowy snowflake, or a bit hotter to create an icy one. Incorporate dichroic flakes to add sparkle if you want. 

The mold is 7 by 6 by 1 inches (18 by 15 by 3 cm). Each cavity holds 45-50 grams of frit. Best results can be had by using ZYP BN Aerosol.

Quantity: One mold

Please measure your kiln before ordering to make sure this will fit.

Made in the USA!