F5 2206 Dark Green Opal COARSE 96 COE Frit 8.5 oz Jar Glass Fusing Supplies System 96 OGT

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Frit is good for so many fusing projects! Use it to fill casting molds, as an embellishment, to draw and make pictures and to fill air spaces in your fused glass projects.

Quantity: One full 8.5 oz jar in the color/opacity listed in the title. Weights may vary slightly.

This is coarse grit frit. 2.5mm to 7.6mm particle size.

COE: 96 This glass can be mixed and fused with any glass that is the same COE. COE measures how quickly a glass expands and contracts during the fusing processes. All glass that is "melted" or fused into a single piece must be compatible.

Almost all of the frit in my studio is now produced by Oceanside Glass & Tile for Uroboros Mexico with an rare older US bottle. Protect your lungs when working with ground glass with an approved mask.

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