Best Seller! Simple Ceramic TUBE MURRINI Maker 6x1-1/4" KILN Forming

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I think these must have started their lives as a ceramic pipe-- they're that simple. But they produce really great murrini!  Ceramic Murrini Tube, 6" long, 1.25" inside diameter. Easily create Murrini with scrap glass, rods, or any other glass you can think of to create different color combinations and patterns.

Important: For standard electric glass kilns only. Do not use in a microwave kiln.

Line tube with thin kiln paper, load glass, place tube in kiln on end, and fire.

For best results, pre-coat by dipping entire tube in shelf primer to guarantee glass cannot stick.

Suggested firing schedule below, courtesy of Patty Gray.

AFAP (as fast as possible) to 1470 degrees, hold 30 minutes

AFAP to 960, hold 60 minutes 100 degrees per hour to 750, hold for 5 minutes