Little Fritters 1" JEWELRY CIRCLES Fusing Mold Great Small Kiln Casting

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These high quality molds can be used with frits. Just fill the mold and fuse or use with regular fusing glass. I love to make quick and easy cabs in these molds and use the mold for "glass control" and perfectly shaped pieces without coldworking.

Mold measures approximately 3-7/8 inches square by 1 inch tall. (This is just under four inches.)
Vessels are 1" wide by about 1/4" deep.

Always apply a good quality kiln-wash (I like Primo Primer) to prevent glass from sticking and ruining your mold.

Please measure your kiln before you order. Important: For standard electric glass kilns only. Do not use in a microwave kiln. Microwave kilns may break the mold.