Mica Powder SUPER COPPER Fusing Flameworking Craft 100g Pixi Dust 3.5 oz

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Mica Powder by Sepp Leaf Products, Inc ~ 100g 3.5 ounce. This will last a long time! A little goes a long, long way!

Mica powders are great fun and add sparkle to a number of glass projects.  Mica can be used for fusing, enameling, and lampworking.

Here is the url for a great tutorial on working with micas! Make sure to save this page before you go away! http://www.glass-fusing-made-easy.com/mica-powder.html

  • Dip a rubber stamp into Glasstac or water-based medium then dip into mica powder and stamp onto glass.  Fire either capped or uncapped at up to 1380 degrees.  


  • Mix powder with Klyr-Fire and airbrush onto glass, then fire. Apply multiple thin coats and fire in kiln to about 1380 degrees Fahrenheit.



  • Roll your hot glass bead in Mica to apply a metallic shine.



  • Add to metal clay, polymer clay and resin casting projects.

Has not been tested for purity so I can't recommend this for cosmetics.

PLEASE! Protect your lungs by avoiding breathing of powders.

Works great with 90, 96, 104 COE.