Sepia PHOTO FUSING PAPER 10 Sheets 8-1/2 11 in Use with BLACK CARBON-BASED INK

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This product can be used to create fusible decals from any laser printed artwork.  Turn any picture into a memorable piece of glass art using this high-quality water-slide fusing photo paper.

Just print your photograph or other artwork on Photo Fuse paper using a laser printer that uses carbon-based toner. (Black-printing printers only; not ink jets or color laser printers.) Then soak the paper in water, slide the resulting decal onto your glass, let it dry, and fire.  If you don't have a black carbon-based printer, most copy centers do.

For best results, use the decals on light colored glass.  The black laser-printed images will fire to a reddish-brown (sepia) tone.

Package contains: Ten 8-1/2 x 11 sheets, detailed instructions.