Fuseworks Microwave Glass Fusing KILN Kit Glass Findings Starter Set

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Excellent hobbyist and beginner kit contains everything needed to create simple fused jewelry projects, including the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln & Fuseworks glass.

Note: While Fuseworks glass is a 90 COE glass, it is NOT compatible with other 90 COE glasses due to differences in melting point and viscosity. However, any of the 90 COE glass I sell can be used with this kiln. Just use Fuseworks glass with Fuseworks glass. Do not mix with other 90COE glass like Bullseye.

Fuseworks Fusing Kit features:

Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln Kiln measures 3-1/4 H x 4-1/2 in. D with an interior fusing platform of 2-3/4 in.
Kiln paper - 2 pieces

Fuseworks Fusing glass assortment - 7 pieces

Dichroic bits and pieces

Milliefiori glass 1 oz.

Confetti glass 1 oz.

Large & small silver and gold bails - 1 each

Glass cutter

Hot mitts

Silver & gold earring set - 1 each