TC600HV Small Toyo Cutter Head Replacement Blade TAP WHEEL Deeper Score Thick Glass

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These are the genuine replacement heads for your Toyo cutter.  These are an exceptional product! Changing your cutter head will dramatically decrease bad breaks.  Revolutionary replacement tap wheel cutting head that produces a deeper score with less pressure by “tapping” your glass.  This cutter head was once exclusively for tap wheel cutters.  That is no longer the case.

This head fits these cutters. It is the smaller pattern head.

Pistol Grip (TC-600)
Comfort Grip (TC-1)
Original Brass Pencil Super cutter (TC-10B)
Original Acrylic Supercutter (TC-10P)
Thomas Grip (TC-9)

Still confused?  Shoot me an email with the type of cutter and approximate age.

This is the small pattern head. The revolutionary tap wheel cutting head produces a deeper score with less pressure by "tapping" your glass.

Toyo's patented oil-feed system and revolutionary cutting wheel technology offers the advantage of an incomparable wheel life, resulting in a noticeably cleaner score. Throughout the years, Toyo has developed many different handle designs in order to accommodate the needs of all glass artists, beginner to professional.