Halloween 96 COE Precuts Pumpkin Bat Ghost Corn Candy Cat Moon Cauldron Cat

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The whimsical precut glass pieces would be impossible to cut by hand. We'll do the cutting, you make the art.

Glass Manufacturer: All are Oceanside Compatible System 96

Important: The pumpkins are cut on wispy glass and each is different. Please click on the groups of three to get some idea of the variations.  

Just for fun, I'll include some glass bubbles for the cauldron. Each will be different as these are made from irregularly sized pieces of glass. 

COE 96

Quantity: One precut per order. 

To purchase: Choose your style and quantity from the pulldown menu and add to cart.

Approximate Measurements:

Small bat: 2.5 inches wide by 1.29 inches tall

Large bat: 2.9 inches wide by 1.37 inches tall

Ghost: 1.7 inches wide by 2.10 inches tall

Candy Corn: 1.1 inches wide by 1.48 inches tall

Cauldron: 2 inches wide by 2.18 inches tall

Crescent Moon: .8 inches wide by 1 inch tall

Sage's Pumpkin: 1.78 inches wide by 1.78 inches tall

Garrison's Pumpkin: 1.85 inches wide by 2 inches tall

Willow's Pumpkin: 1.77 inches wide by 1.77 inches tall

Spooky Cat: 1.75 inches wide by 2 inches tall

Made in Loveland, Colorado.  

Moon, bat and cauldron original art by Heather Roberts.