KIT HUMMINGBIRD HEART Studio One Precut Glass 9010

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Important: This kit contains the glass needed to make the kit and a general pattern. You need to put it together and knowledge of stained glass construction is needed. This is a good kit for a beginner but you'll need the basic skills before you buy the kit. You'll need experience with stained glass, tools (a soldering iron, safety equipment etc.), solder, flux, and the lead came or copper foil needed to complete the kit.

The hummingbird heart kit depicts a ruby throated hummer with flowers and leaves set into a heart shaped wire.  Each kit contains instructions, the cut glass pieces, the heart shaped frame, wire, and any beads or findings that may be required to complete your kit.   We recommend that you assemble your kit using small gauge hobby lead (not included), although, many have had success assembling our kits using the copper foil method.  

* Dimensions: 8” x 8” 
* SKU: 9010
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