Read Description Oval TULIP PANEL Precut Stained Glass KIT 18.5x10" Studio One

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Important: This kit contains the glass needed to make the kit and a GENERAL pattern. You need to put it together and knowledge of stained glass construction is needed. This is a good kit for a beginner but you'll need the basic skills before you buy the kit. You'll need experience with stained glass, tools (a soldering iron, safety equipment etc.), solder, flux, and the lead came or copper foil needed to complete the kit.

TULIP OVAL PANEL KIT The tulip oval panel kit depicts a stylized yellow tulip with an abstract stem and curvatious leaves.  

The background glass has natural swirls which enhance the look.  

This kit contains instructions and the cut glass pieces.  

We recommend that you assemble your kit using the copper foil method.   

 DIMENSIONS: 10” x 18.5” SKU: 9633 

Important: This is a kit, not a finished product. This item is shipped in the manufacturer's box. You supply the stained glass tools (soldering iron) and consumables (metals, flux, solder, etc.) as well as the experience in stained glass construction to complete the kit.