STRONG LINE Morton INTERNAL STRENGTH Reinforcement Thin Coppered Steel Strip

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Strong Line is a thin coppered steel strip used to strengthen your stained glass panel from the inside. It slips between your glass pieces and is soldered in. On a panel that measures more than about 18 inches wide or tall, I run one strip from top to bottom and another one from side to side. I just weave the strip around pieces as I work my way down or across. It solders right in and doesn't cause your panel to grow substantially.

Most people use Strong Line to eliminate external bars. How much can be eliminated is a tough question because it depends on the size, design and intended installation of your panel. Remember to error on the side of stronger.

For Lead: The Strong Line is placed in lead channel during assembly. The panel must then be cemented to add strength and prevent the Strong Line from twisting in the channel.

For Copper Foil: Strip is placed between foiled glass pieces before soldering. Once soldered on both sides of the panel the steel strip cannot be seen.

25 foot roll - 0.020 inches thick - 0.114 inches wide.