ONE DOZEN TRIANGLE ALUMINUM BEAD TRAYS 12 Pieces 3-1/4" by 1/4" Beadsmith Jewel

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* A clever way to organize beads while you work. 

* Pick up, sort, and pour beads. 

* The triangle shape & angled edges allow you use these trays as clever little bead scoops to chase down errant beads. 

* Sort your beads into different trays while you're working. 

* When you're ready to put your beads away, pour them directly from any corner into small bags, tubes, or compartments. 

* So lightweight we use them as tray on bead weighing scales. 

* These trays nest, so they are easy to pack along for beading on the go. 

* Bright aluminum lets you see your beads clearly. 

* Measurements: 3-1/4 inch x 1/4 inch High.