Quick Fit Bit System 200 Series 1" Fits Glastar G-8 Diamond Tech Burk Grinders

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Quick-Fit Bit System  

  • Prevents Chipping
  • No Keys Required
  • Reusable Holder

This flip-top grinder bit system is designed to allow quick interchange bits without freezing, locking up or corroding. Quick-Fit Bits are durable and corrosion free due to their high-impact plastics. They are engineered to absorb grinding vibration and to protect glass from fracturing or chipping, while layers of high-quality diamond particles give the Quick-Fit Bit a long lasting, ever-sharp grind. Changing bits is simple and fast, even for those with reduced grip strength. 

Maximize the use of your grinding surface! The Quick-Fit Bit holder may be adjusted vertically on the grinder shaft, and may be reversed to utilize the full glass grinding surface.

Each System includes a Quick-Fit holder and one bit. Additional bits are sold separately.


200 Series: Fits Glastar G-8, Diamond Tech, Burk, and other European style grinders.