Silberschnitt Pro Ball-Bearing Head Circle Cutter 24 Inches Premium 2 1/2" - 24"

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  • Includes high quality carbide cutting wheel  
  • Cutter head can swivel to perfectly match the arc of the circle 
  • Cuts circles as small as 2-1/2" and up to 24" in diameter  
  • Premium German engineered tool 
  • Measurements in metric & inches
IMPORTANT: This is the upgraded version! It has the ball bearing head. This is the BO 511.51.  (The BO 511.1 does not have this feature.) 

Some people in my glass group were talking about how wonderful this tool is so I've brought it in for my customers. MSRP: $184.95  
There are some great youtube tutorials available. Just search Silberschnitt circle cutter.