Six GLASS Colo River Rock L Blob Gems Buttons Pendants Spectrum System 96 COE

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These glass gems are perfect for pendants and are hand made by me in my Loveland, Colorado glass art studio. They are hand cut, washed, fused (sometimes twice), washed again and then counted into packages of 10 pieces. They measure about 85/100 of an inch plus or minus depending on the glass. They can usually be used in a 1" finding with little to no cold working.

Buying a bunch? Most people do. These each go into the shipping calculator at two ounces each. You can buy up to 7 colors and pay the lower first class shipping. Buying more than that?

Handmade Colorado River Rocks are a perfect addition to your mosaic and fused glass art!

These are flat bottomed with a rounded top.

* These round little droplets are perfect for buttons.
* Glue a small piece of dichroic to each river rock and then full or tack fuse for beautiful post earrings.
* Tack fuse around an ordinary plate or trivet for some great texture and design.
* Use in mosaic projects
* Use your imagination The uses are endless

COE: 96 This glass can be mixed and fused with any glass that is the same COE. COE measures how quickly a glass expands and contracts during the fusing processes. All glass that is "melted" or fused into a single piece must be compatible.