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This is the cutter against which all other cutters are compared!   They're comfortable to hold and easy to use.  Each cutter is self-oiling using a unique valve system so oil doesn't get all over the place.  The free rolling wheel creates a consistent score line.  The wheel is made of durable carbide steel and will out-last normal glass cutters by 25 times!!

Color: Random (but email me before purchase if you want to know what's available)

Quantity: One cutter

Simply the best! Heads are replaceable.

Important: You will receive one cutter and and a plastic oil filler. These do not come with any type of manufacturer's packaging.

Looking for other styles of Toyo Cutters?  Just search Toyo in my store. 

Using Your New Cutter:

Remove the brass cover on the end opposite the head.  Fill your cutter about 1/4" full with any stained glass cutter oil.

Store with the end closed tightly.

When you get ready to use your cutter, open the end to allow the oil to flow.  Tap your cutting head on the glass until you see some drops of oil.  You're ready to score your glass.

Hold your cutter firmly but comfortably.

Line up the cutting wheel with the intended score line at a slight downward angle, apply moderate pressure to the cutting wheel and push away.

A good score begins at one edge of the glass and runs to the other edge. It should look like a piece of hair on the glass. If it looks like salt, you’ve pressed too hard.

Do not go over the score line more than once! Doing so will wear out the cutting tip.  When your score line looks like this ---- ---- ---- it's time to replace the head.